Reflection: MEMBER 01

Name: Rayner Tan
Class: S2-09

(I) Plenary session
(A) My key learning points from each section

Plenary Session 1:

- Do not take water for granted
- Not all microbes are bad
- Dirty water contain illnesses such as choler, tyhoid fever, dysentery, brainerd diarrhoea
- Why pollution bothers us: smell; infectious diseases; chronic health risks; environmental; etc.
- Plumbing was from a long time ago and started in the 1700-1500BC
- Key enablers = water + energy;
- Irony = economic development can compromise water resources
- Need = increasing need to protect water resources as economies develop
- Protection = appropriate management of waste waters and wastes.
- Need to reduce energy consumption, no point to have clean water but polluted air
- Why we don't introduce new bacteria into environment is because the fear that it'll mutate.
- New bacteria is used to make new enzymes, not to be introduced into eco-system.

Plenary Session 2:
- Early computers
    - Vacuum tubes performed calculations
    - Capacitors were used for I/O
    - Pund cards were used for I/O
- Semi conductors replaced vacuum tubes
- Integrated circuits(ICs) were invented in 1958, the first IC has 1 transistor, 3 capacitors, 1 resistor, size of a small finger
- The 9 'O's: Bio, Radio, Auto, Info, Nano, Water = Hydro - H2O,
Audio, Video, Energy=m.c2=m.ctwo (first letter in each word)=Brainwave
- Bio-Nano electronics
eg:Programmable blood;monitor glucose level
    Electronic contact lense; allow the blind to see
    Brain implant; communicate using brainwaves

Plenary Session 3: 
Nano Technology
- Used to kill bacteria
- Used to clear BO
- Used to clean water
- Change contact lense colour can let drugs entre your eyes
- Mask technology
- Smaller size for a fixed volume = larger surface area
- Materials with ten times the strength of steel and only a small fraction of the weight
    - Carbon nano-tubes(CNT)
    - Quantum Dots(QD)
Templates for growth of nano materials such as CNT; Bottom up/top down approach

- Biodegradable stents(solve heart attacks) Dissolves after opening up the vessel
- Artificial photosynthesis

Defense Technology
- Nano materials created FGM for protection
- Pixlized uniform

Plenary Session 4:
- Animation is an optical illusion of motion created by displaying consecutive frames
- Mathematics in movies: calculas, law of physics
- Example: Ambient light; diffuse light - shadows; specular lighting - highlights&shadows

Plenary Session 5:
- Satellites enable us to study the earth in great detail
- Sea-level rise will not be the same everywhere*main point
- Satellites measure the gravity field changes
- Geographers measure 1-2 glaciers as it is difficult and dangerous to measure it
- Fg=Gm1m2/d2(m1 = first object; m2 = second object)

(B) Deepest Impression
The pleanary session that leaves the deepest impression on me is plenary session 1
What I like about it is the way Professor Ng taught us about the importance of clean water. He used a comical, yet information and simple to understand approach.

(II) My Personal Reflection
1) I choose this project becasue I have a huge interest in computer science. I felt that it would help me in what I want to become in the near future.
2) My role in the group is to lead the team and provide ideas as well as work on the project
3) Challenges that my group met were time constraints and lack of knowledge on the coding language. We overcame the challenge of time constraints by making quicker decisions and pushing away ideas that would take a long time(eg creating more molecules and levels) we make with what we could do in that short amount of time. We also overcame the problem of lack of knowledge on the programming language by simplifying our ideas.
4) Through this project we discovered part of the process behind creating games. What kind of software were used, as well as the amount of hard work needed to be put in.
5) As an individual I benefited from this programme greatly as I now have a rough idea of what I can do, what I have to learn, and what more does it take for me to become a game creator.
6) My aspiration is to become part of a great gaming company such as Nintendo. Either that or be the next great gaming company with a group of friends.